At The Crossing


The Residency Program at The Crossing exists to bridge the gap between intensive classroom learning and dynamic 21st century ministry. Residents will gain transformational leadership experience, develop their spiritual and emotional health, and engage in practical, hands-on ministry inside and outside of the church walls.

The Crossing is a non-denominational church rooted in Scripture. We have been called to help people explore truth, experience grace, and express love. We blend teaching and worship with art and technology to create weekend experiences and regular classes that deliver the timeless message of Jesus in fresh and life-changing ways. The Crossing has four campuses across the St. Louis area plus a thriving online community. Each week thousands of people experience the services live at a physical campus in St. Louis or from around the globe via our online platforms.

St. Louis is a large metro-area that is home to diverse neighborhoods, over a dozen universities, and regularly ranks as one of the most affordable cities to live in. We are convinced that God has situated us here on purpose. Our city offers many opportunities for the Church to embody the love of Christ in tangible ways, meet the holistic needs of our city, and bring hope to the marginalized and hurting in our community.

Program Details

The Residency Program lasts one year with new cohorts forming each September.

The Residency Program is full-time, 40 hours/week. Residents will work Monday-Thursday, with weekend responsibilities.

For additional information on program prerequisites and the application process click here.

Program Components


Leadership Training

You will have opportunities to watch other leaders in action, lead under supervision, lead on your own, and develop other leaders. This is a model we often refer to as See One, Do One, Teach One.


Personal Development

You will be developed by a team of people with vast leadership experience. They will share their stories and research from their years of training. You’ll be encouraged in things like work/life balance, spiritual growth, and healthy boundaries in the workplace.


Hands on Experience

Depending on your specific track, you will have several opportunities to gain extensive ministry experience. This will happen in your specific area of focus as well as an elective of your choosing.


Spiritual Growth

One of the most important pieces of the residency is seeking to understand God’s call for your life. This cannot happen without a constant and thriving relationship with Him. It’s our goal to give you room to grow and develop spiritually.


Customized Development Plan

As we get to know each other, we’ll be able to customize a plan for you to grow in your skills and passion areas. Many opportunities will be unique to you.


Multisite Church Experience

We are one church with 4 locations in the St. Louis area as well as an online campus. Our model is unique in that we live stream the message from our central location, but have live music and announcements across all campuses. You’ll gain experience in learning how we communicate, organize and streamline our processes.

Ministry Tracks

Active tracks this ministry year are completley focused on our pastoral track.

Ministry Track Image


This track is designed for residents who feel called to ministry. Residents will join a dynamic pastoral team, hone their leadership and communication skills, and grow in their ability to pastor a 21st century multisite congregation. As a pastoral resident, you will experience a variety of ministry responsibilities and help sheperd the people of The Crossing.