Because of your generosity in giving and serving and loving God, the ministries of The Crossing are thriving. Together, we were able to offer opportunities for people from all walks of life to explore God’s truth, experience His grace and express His love boldly to the world around us. Take a look at all that God did in 2019.

Experience Grace


Because of you, people from all over the St. Louis area are able to experience worship and learning together every weekend. Along with our physical campuses, we have a growing online campus that allows people to experience the services wherever they are.


Average Weekend Attendance

Includes Easter, Christmas, all four sites and Online
Does not include KidsCrossing, keep scrolling

22,725 Christmas Attendance

Average KidsCrossing Attendance


KidsCrossing is a fun, safe place for kids to explore God’s truth, experience His grace and express His love on a level that they understand.



YouthCrossing is an exciting and welcoming place for students in grades 6-12 to take steps in their walk with Jesus.

Total Baptisms


Once a year, our church gathers together at our Chesterfield campus to witness hundreds of people publicly declare their faith. After the baptism service, we celebrate our guests of honor with a huge, worship-filled party.

I Am Ready To Make A Public Declaration Before God And My Family That I Am His.

- Dave

Express Love


As a church, we love to serve each other inside the walls of our church as well as the community outside our walls. Throughout 2019, we came together using our time, talent and resources to serve people locally and globally in the name of Jesus.


Weekend Serving Team Members

The real MVPs of The Crossing are our serving team members. It takes a whole bunch of people to pull off our weekend experiences. We also have plenty of opportunities during the week.


Total Local Outreach Hours Served

2019 Collections

In September of 2019, we closed our buildings and opened our hearts and moved into our community. We served in neighborhoods, schools, churches, blood banks, food banks, hospitals, kitchens, and the list goes on. We called it #forthelou because we believe that God is for us and He’s inviting all of us to show the world that we are for St. Louis. We had an amazing week serving together as families, friends, and strangers who quickly became teammates.
But #forthelou is more than a week of serving, it’s a posture of the heart. And you are invited into the movement.

1,983 Participants
32 Organizations Served

Over $1 Million Given

The offering we collect during our Christmas Eve services goes beyond our walls and is used for the work of Living Water International. The money you gave during our services and throughout 2019 supports clean water wells, education, hygiene and sanitation classes, pastoral training and so much more.

Explore Truth


Our classes and vision venues allow people with different spiritual backgrounds to come together and humbly explore God’s truth by asking tough questions and engaging in conversations with one another.

Total Class Participants

People In Groups - 2,645

1,034 Bibles Purchased

As we move into 2020, we are grateful for you and for all that God is doing in our midst. All glory and honor and praise to Him.

Thank You