Beyond Our

Make a bold impact on a broken world. Join The Crossing as we endeavor to be For The World and bring real help to those who need it.

In response to God's outrageous love for us and for this world, we want others to know that we are FOR them. Specifically, we've been led to being for the Greater St. Louis region, the precious people of Zimbabwe, and the life-sustaining gift of clean water. Learn more about these initiatives below and jump in with us as we reflect God's love FOR others.

We Are ForTheLou

Love and Serve People Here in St. Louis

What does it mean to be ForTheLou?

Serve Like Jesus
Know your neighbor.
Cross the divide.

It's not exclusively about making big investments of time or money. We've curated several ways, both large and small, anyone at any age can show our neighbors that God is ForTheLou.

Whether you have a few minutes or several hours, you can make a difference here in the St. Louis region.

We are ForWater

Safe, clean water in Jesus' name.

For many of us in the most privileged parts of the world, Christmas means more - activity, obligation, and spending. But too often, it means less joy.

At The Crossing, we want to bring the joy of Christmas back. That's why we launched The Advent Conspiracy Movement. We conspire with other churches around the globe to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all.

In 2023, we banded together to "give more" to our partners at Living Water International to facilitate clean water projects in some of the world's most challenging areas.

The result: $1.2 million collected for #ForWater during 2023.

We are ForZim

Support Ongoing Partnerships In Zimbabwe.

It started with water - clean water for Zimbabwe - but it grew into real relationships. The people of Zim showed us God's love, challenged us, and touched our hearts. And our love for them overflowed, too.

Now, we partner with ministries serving those in Zimbabwe who need the good news coupled with practical help: food, training, community gardens, and more.

Through strategic partnerships and our Genius of One movement, The Crossing family makes intentional investments in the people of Zim.