Premarital: The Process

Thanks for visiting Premarital at The Crossing. If you're a newly engaged couple, then congratulations! We understand what an important and exciting time this is for you, your family, and your friends. Our desire is for you to experience a solid, strong marriage that will glorify God and last a lifetime.

The premarital process at The Crossing is very detailed, so reading through this information will give you a greater sense of what is involved and the pre-requisites established by our pastors. Please know these requirements are not a formula that guarantees a healthy marriage. They are simply a way of fulfilling our duty to provide spiritual direction for a decision that will affect the rest of your lives.

We believe our approach will offer you a better chance of enjoying the relationship that God has planned for you through marriage. Please be aware that our premarital readiness is a recommendation process, not merely a checklist. Our goal is to help you find areas that need work and guide you through preparing to spend a lifetime with each other. At The Crossing, we take marriage so seriously that we're not afraid to recommend that a couple postpone their wedding plans in order to work on specific areas of their relationship.

If you're serious about wanting to prepare for marriage, and you'd like to continue finding out how The Crossing can help, then read the following Premarital information thoroughly.