Overcoming Church Hurt

Overcoming Church Hurt is a 6-week, confidential group that focuses on sharing personal stories and experiences of spiritual abuse. It is led by a licensed professional counselor, and emphasizes listening and attending to the kinds of unique pain and trauma caused by such abuse. We create a sanctuary for folks to be seen and loved as they wonder how and why such things happen. We explore the different kinds of spiritual abuse, personality disorders, trust, forgiveness, and boundaries. Through sharing our stories and processing them together, we seek to empower each other to find safe people and healthy spiritual environments to experience God’s presence and peace.

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There are no Overcoming Church Hurt classes currently being offered, please know we would be honored to hear your story and journey with you.

You can connect with us here: Talk With a Pastor | The Crossing.
We would also be honored to lift you up in prayer: Prayer Requests | The Crossing.