Message: Jesus, Lord of All

Speaker: Tim Bounds

Service Date: January 12, 2020 Plain Print Version

READ -  Isaiah 9:4-7

Discuss what you believe each name for God means?

What does each name mean to you?

The scripture refers to the coming of Messiah and His role as King, Counselor, Father, etc.

As believers, we know that Jesus is our Messiah, King, Lord, and Savior.  What does that mean to you personally?

Definition of Lord -  Greek - Kyrios - meaning- master, belonging to the Lord

Discuss what the word Lord means to you -  

    Is Jesus the Lord of your life?  Does He rule over all your life?  How good are you with following the rules?

    Do you struggle with authority?  On what level?

    How do you cope with authority from:  Leaders, Parents, Leaders in the church?

READ Luke 7: 1-10


    What do you know about the centurion?  

    What do you know about the slave?

    Why was this story so important for understanding the role of Jew and Gentile in the region?

    Who communicated this message to Jesus and why?

    Why do you believe that the centurion considered himself unworthy?

The centurion explained his position of authority.  Why did Jesus marvel at his faith because of what he said?

Being a Roman soldier, what would have been his cost for speaking with Jesus and his faith and trust in who Jesus was and what he said?


READ Matthew 8:11

How does this verse and the previous verses relate to us as believers?

READ Romans 10:9

Discuss this verse and how it applies to the story about the centurion.

If we confess Jesus as Lord, what are we doing?


Who has all authority?

How can we trust Jesus with the authority others have over us?

Talk about the ways and plans that you might have in the coming year to be more acceptable of those in authority over you.

How will you allow Jesus to be Lord of your life in this coming year?


Jesus "He is not just nice, He is brilliant" Dallas Willard