Message: Attempt Great Things

Speaker: Greg Holder

Service Date: December 01, 2019 Plain Print Version

This is the beginning of the season of Advent. Preparing our hearts to celebrate Christmas, the coming of the Messiah.   Everything changed because of Jesus. Hope enters the story. 

  • How would you describe the Biblical version of “hope” to someone? How does it differ from the way most of us speak of “hope?”

Matthew, wrote his gospel with Jews in mind, to make the case that Jesus was/is indeed Messiah. And so he grabs their attention with the Genealogy. 

  • “Ask me who I am and I’ll tell you about my people” With this in mind, have someone read aloud the genealogy Matthew 1 vs. 1-17.
  • Take a closer look at the cast of characters in this genealogy. The Jewish people would have recognized every name and have vivid knowledge of their history and background in the big picture of their faith. And some names may have raised an eyebrow.
  • Pick out 1 name or 2 and dig into a bit of their background.
    • Tamar- Genesis 38
    • Abraham – Genesis 12:10-19, 16:1-4
    • Rahab- Joshua 2

How does the completely honest and authentic lineage of Christ speak to you?

God used flawed, broken people to accomplish His plan back then, and still today. Greg mentioned Pastor Andre Alexander and The Tabernacle’s work in the city of St Louis. Here is a link to that story in case the group wants to read more.

  • Discuss the William Carey quote in the light of this message, “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.”
    • What could you attempt this Advent season– as an individual and/or as a small group?
  • Below are some options The Crossing is doing:
    • Crossing Collective EP “Emmanuel” is a nine song album with six original Christmas songs produced by the Crossing music team. Download, listen, share.
    • Artisan Market - December 6 at Grant’s Trail.
    • Living Water International- opportunities to give to this organization that has provided over 6 million people with clean drinking water around the globe.
    • Prayer Meeting December 4 12:15-1:00 pm Chesterfield Campus

These efforts are not meant in any way to toot our own horn but to bring to focus the collaborative efforts of ALL the people of The Crossing, making a difference in God’s world. Take a moment to celebrate and pray for these initiatives. Celebrate what God is doing through us at The Crossing and then discuss how you as an individual or as a group can participate in God’s Kingdom work this Advent season and pray for one another.

"Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God."
William Carey


Matthew 1


How does the honest, authentic, unvarnished lineage of Christ speak to us as His followers?


What are some ways you could attempt great things for God this Advent season? Share specifics with one another and encourage each other.