Message: A Word from the Indescribable Jesus

Speaker: Greg Holder

Service Date: October 10, 2021 Plain Print Version

"Idol worship is anything that is a substitute for the worship of God."
G.K. Beale


Revelation 1: 12-20 Revelation 2: 1-11 Daniel 7: 9-14


1. What is your favorite image of Jesus from Scripture? It could be a story, a description, or a name. Do you resonate most with Jesus as savior, rabbi, mediator, king, Son of Man, or Son of God? 2. Have you ever looked back at a season of your spiritual life that was filled with passion and joy and missed it? What was it like? What was going on in life then? 3. Do you sense that there is a practice that was in play then that you could reengage with? 4. Have you ever found yourself stuck in that place where your heart doesn't break when someone falters? Or, have you found yourself unable to celebrate and champion people? How can that change this week? 5. In Revelation 2 the churches are encouraged to be fearless, patient, and enduring. Where do you need to apply that encouragement to endure?


1. Like King Jesus, practice bridge-building this week. Where can you mend a divide? 2. Commit to empathizing with the struggles of others and celebrating their wins this week. 3. Invite people to the table. Remember that you have been lovingly called to the table, now extend that outward.