Let Us Adore Him


Speaker: Greg Holder

Service Date: December 04, 2022



Micah 5; Hosea 11; Malachi 3; Isaiah 7, 9, and 53; Psalms 16, 22, and 41; Zechariah 11; Matthew 1:22; John 14:27; Colossians 2:3


Do you have a favorite Christmas carol? Which one, or why? Did you know what a dactyloscopy was? What do you make of the odds of Jesus fulfilling all of the messianic prophecies? Have you ever felt like you treat Jesus like an assistant as opposed to the King? Is there anything that keeps you from surrendering your life wholly to Jesus? What step can you take this Christmas season to experience Jesus in a personal way?


Text SERVE to 48099 to serve during our Christmas Eve services.