Setting The Table

Getting Ready

Speaker: Tim Bounds

Service Date: January 09, 2022

Getting Ready

"Wherever God wants you to start being a missionary, He already has you there. Whoever He wants you to love and serve redemptively, He already has you in their proximity.”
Greg Finke


Psalm 117, Isaiah 40:3-5, Matthew 3:2, 13:44, 28:18-20, Romans 5:8


1. Do you have a favorite memory of hosting people? Or, what about a great memory of experiencing a party or event given by a great host? What made it so special? 2. We talked about the particular joy of anticipating people coming over when we host. What kinds of things do you enjoy doing in preparation for seeing someone? 3. John the Baptist gives us the bad news first: we all need to repent. What does that word mean to you - and what does it represent culturally? What does it have to do with preparing the way for the Messiah and the Kingdom of Heaven? 4. The good news is that the Kingdom has drawn near. When we repent and invite God to forgive us and lead our lives He calls us to love and serve people redemptively. Who is God calling you to love and serve? Are they already in your midst?


1. What will you do this week to love and serve those whom you've been called to? 2. Pray: Jesus, I need to repent from...