In Pursuit of the King

The Bigger Miracle

Speaker: Greg Holder

Service Date: June 16, 2019 Plain Print Version

The Bigger Miracle

· In the middle of the noise of life are you listening for the voice of God?
· How are you doing at hearing and responding to the voice of God? Give an example.
    ·Do you believe that God hears your words as you pray? 
· How does that change your daily work through life?
· Jesus is the God of miracles. If you believe that, how does that change your prayers?
· Miracles are a supernatural divine intervention into our everyday life, do you believe that?

· Do you need help unpacking the reality of miracles?
· Is there someone there to help you in that journey, even if it means poking a hole in a roof?
· Are you there to help a loved one get up close to Jesus? What is your next step?
· What part does sin play in the life struggle?
· What role does trusting Jesus play in you finding forgiveness and freedom for the entanglement of sin?
· Where is hope in your story?
· Has despair become a major player in your thoughts?
· The world is broken, where are you looking answers?
· We are called to look to Jesus and seek Him for the forgiveness and hope so deeply needed. Have you started that journey?
· Are you willing to tear a hole in a roof to find Jesus and the answers you need?
· Are you okay with a hole in your roof? Can I be disrupted? What do I do with interruption? To get a friend to Jesus what am I willing to do?